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Example of a model with several timelines

This article shows you how to create a basic model with multiple timelines in Openbox.

  1. Open Excel
  2. Click “Openbox” then “New”
  3. Select “Standard project finance”
  4. Select “Quarters”
  5. Change the start date to January 2024 and financial close to February 2024
  6. Set the construction duration to 12 months and operations to 20 months.
  7. Click OK

When the Openbox window appears, press F9 to see the preview.

You’ll see a model with two time sheets, one for quarterly and one for monthly. There will be a copy of each report on a financial year basis, as well as on a quarterly basis.

The OBZ and Excel files are attached here.

OBZ file: multi timeline model

Excel file: multi timeline model

If you want to change the time settings, these articles show you how:

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