Openbox Models

Financial models built in hours, not weeks

Openbox gives you financial modelling superpowers.

Financial models are used to support business-critical decisions. Building and updating financial models in Excel is time-consuming, frustrating and fraught with error. Openbox transforms the process.

Speed up model build

You design the model, specify the components to include, and then fine-tune for your business. Openbox takes care of building the model in Excel. Focus on commercial logic, not model coding.

What our users are saying

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Openbox is already used by Ofwat and two of the Big Four accountancy firms so you’re in good company


How Openbox works

Transform your financial modelling workflow.


Import frequently used components. Connect to external data sources. Preview in Excel at any time.


When you’re ready, Openbox builds out the full model in Excel. Share your model with anybody; they don’t need Openbox to read or use your model.


Openbox checks your model for common errors and helps you fix them. Build in best practice from the start.


Update your financial models between Openbox and Excel simultaneously. Openbox synchronizes changes made between the two.

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