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Arrays and reports – how to show one report per array item, or all items on the same report

Suppose you have a model of a company with several business units. You might want to have a set of financial reports, one for each unit. Or you might want to have (say) revenue for each unit reported on a single P&L, and then consolidated. This article shows you how to do either.

The attached model is set up to show all units (in this case, terminals at a port) on the same report.

two terminal example

To change it to show a separate report for each terminal, open the model in Openbox, and click “Insert” then “Manage arrays” in the Ribbon. Select the “terminals” array and click “edit” (see below).

You should see a window similar to this:

Notice that “Is it a list of alternatives or segments?” is set to “Segments”. This tells Openbox that the items of this array can be combined on a single report, and added up.

In the dropdown, choose “Alternatives” instead. Then click OK as many times as needed to get back to the main Openbox window.

Now press F9 to show the preview. As you will see there are now two P&Ls, one for each terminal.

To go back to a single P&L, go into the window again and change “Alternatives” back to “Segments”.

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