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Why is my report repeated for everything in an array?

If a report contains any line item that varies by an array, Openbox will create a copy of that report for each item in the array.

Let’s see what this means with an example. Suppose you have a simple three financial statement model – income statement, balance sheet and cashflow. The first line on the income statement is revenue, calculated as [sales] * [price]. Let’s suppose that you track sales separately for each country, and you’ve created a “country” array with a list of the three countries you operate in.

Then Openbox will create three income statements for you, one per country. In many cases, this might be what you want. But sometimes, Openbox will create several reports for you when you are not expecting it. This is because something has an array that applies to it. 

The easiest way to find this is to look at the labels on one of the reports. Look for items that end with something in brackets, like this “Revenue (USA)”. The item in brackets is the item in the array, and so it implies that Revenue varies by some array.

To fix it, ensure that you consolidate across arrays (using SUMOVER, for example) for anything on a report.

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