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Why has my Openbox menu disappeared from Excel?

Usually you should see the Openbox menu in the Excel Ribbon. However, on occasion it can disappear.

Excel occasionally disables add-ins if it considers they are causing issues with Excel starting up. You can deal with this by going to Excel then clicking : File, Options, Add-ins.

Click on the dropdown menu beside “Manage” and choose “COM Addins”, then click “Go”.

Make sure that “Openboxaddinv2” is ticked, then click OK

If this does not work, repeat the steps above but choose “Disabled items” from the “Manage” list and click “Go”. Make sure Openbox is not listed in the Disabled items. If it is, re-enable it then click OK.

You should then restart Excel.

If these steps do not solve the problem you should try the steps on this page.

check this by , as in the picture below.



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