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Unused items

Often when creating a model we build sections or calculation blocks and then decide that they aren’t what we need. They should be deleted, but it is easy to forget to do this.

There’s a risk in leaving items in the model that aren’t used. They will quickly become out of date, relative to the rest of the model. If they are used again in future, they may no longer be appropriate for the model’s purpose.

Openbox warns you about any unused items and offers several choices:

  1. Ignore. Just skip past this item for now.

  2. Ignore all. Don’t warn about any other unused items. This is fine when drafting but we don’t recommend it for the final model

  3. Add to report. Sometimes the reason something is unused is that you forgot to put it on a report. Openbox offers to do this for you.

  4. Cancel. Stop the checking and allow you to fix the calculation.

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