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Traffic and flows example

Here is a use case. Read this example and then be ready to answer questions about similar situations.

I have traffic distributed over a number of terminals. Now I have to distribute the traffic, which is divided into unit types, over different equipment types.

For example, at terminal 1 I have 800 containers and 50 trailers. Of those 800 containers 500 will be offloaded by a crane and 300 by a reachstacker. And the trailers by a crane

So for this terminal the crane will do 90 and a reachstacker 10 handlings.

At terminal 2 I work with reachstacker an only, but a part of the two units will drive themselves. For example 50% can drive itself and the rest will be offloaded with the reachstacker. So out 100 units, 50

For the complete system this means : 90 by crane, 60 by reachstacker and 50 by themselves. And this will be the basis for cost calculations, etc.

The correct response is this:

1. Create a new array for equipment types. Call it “Equipment type”.
2. Create an input [% of traffic for each unit type that uses equipment type]. It should vary by unit type and equipment type. Constant %.
3. Calculate [traffic by unit and equipment type] = [% of traffic for each unit type that uses equipment type] * [traffic by unit type]
4. Calculate [traffic by equipment type]= SUMOVER([traffic by unit and equipment type],”Equipment type”)

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