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Linking from a dashboard or other sheet to the Openbox part of a spreadsheet

Openbox lets you link from cells on a sheet in the Excel template file to something on a sheet that’s created by Openbox itself.

For example, you can have a “Dashboard” sheet in the Excel template file, which has a “Revenue” chart on it. You can tell Openbox to link that to the “Revenue” lines in the preview or built model, once they are created.

The way to do this is with the OBXValues function. In your Excel template file, put = OBXValues(<name of item>) in the cell where you want the first value to go e.g. = OBXValues(“Revenue”).

You only need to put it in one cell (the first time column –  usually column J) and Excel will automatically copy it to the right.

If you want to bring in a constant, put the OBXValues formula in the constants column (usually column F).

If your model uses Openbox arrays, you can tell Openbox which element of the array you want, by specifying it as the second argument to the OBXValues function. For example = OBXValues(“Revenue”, “USA”) will include the revenue from your US sales only. 

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