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What are the keyboard shortcuts in Openbox?


0 In Focus mode, re-centre on the selected item
1 Change the selected line item to a balance
2 Change the selected line item to a flow
3 Change the selected line item to a flag
4 Change the selected line item to a Report line
5 Change the selected line item to a Report heading
6 Change the selected line item to a Report heading
A Select all (visible) items
B Add a new balance to the model
New sheet/list
I Import a component
M Merge two items. If two items are selected, it will merge those two. Otherwise, it will ask which ones to merge.
Add a new item to the model
Collapse all sections
+ Expand all sections
% Apply the % style to the selected item(s)
[ If you select a cell with the name of a calculation in the preview window, Ctrl + [ will show that calculation in Focus mode in the main window


1 Add a new heading to the current report
2 Add a new sub-heading to the current report
New balance item on report
C Toggle whether the selected item is constant or not
Add a new flag
G Create a new section from the selected items
H Show/ hide the icons that show additional information about each item, such as its units
I Move the selected item to the Inputs sheet, or all placeholders in a sheet or section if one is selected, or all placeholders if nothing is selected
L Apply Date units to the selected  item(s)
Swap mode
New report line
O Add a comment to the selected item(s)
P Toggle the Preview pane on or off
Split an item in two
T Add a new line item which calculates the total of the selected item, over some array
U Set the units for the selected item(s)
W Mark calculations in Excel as ‘to be deleted’. Openbox will remove them from the diagram the next time you go into Edit mode.
Z Mark calculations in Excel as ‘new or updated’. Openbox will read them and update the diagram to reflect them, the next time you go into Edit mode.
, (comma) Apply the standard number format to the item
. (dot) Apply the factor units, and command, to the selected item(s)

Other shortcuts

Key Action
F2  Edit formula of selected item
Ctrl+F2 Edit the name of the selected item
F9  Preview model
Shift +F9  Validate and preview model
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Validate the model and open it in Excel
Home  Go to home point on schematic
Arrow keys Change the selection to the item above/ below/ to the left or right
Ctrl+Arrow keys Move the selection up, down or left and right to other sheets/ sections
Alt+Down key In the preview, add a dropdown list of all items in the model to the current cell, and insert a link to the item you click on
[ Pressing [ while editing a formula brings up a list of all line items. You can then search by typing part of the name eg typing ‘cash’ brings up things like ‘cash balance’, ‘opening cash’, ‘cash available for debt service’.

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  1. Would be nice to have a shortcut for toggling the report window on / off..

    1. Ctrl+Shift+R ? It’s not used at the moment

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