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Add headers to each sheet

Openbox can insert standard header rows on each sheet – for example, the start and/ or end of each period in the model, or the period number.

To insert headers, put the desired calculations in the ‘Headers’ section of the ‘Time’ sheet. They will then appear in the header on each sheet, in the same order as in the headers section.

For example, the model created from the diagram below will have ‘Model period end’ as the first row of the header, then the ‘Period number’ and so on.

The items in ‘Headers’ are standard calculations, so you can re-order them, remove them, or add new ones.

Note that you will have to update your Excel template file as well, to make sure there are enough rows in the sheet headers, and that they are formatted as you want. Openbox will warn you if for example, you try to put five headers into an Excel template with space only for four.

For example, here is the sheet header section in the standard “Gridlines template.xlsx” file that comes with Openbox. There is space for four headers, and formatting applied to “Timeline label”.

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