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Add an input which is a table

Spreadsheets are, in the end, very large and interconnected tables. So we often find ourselves bringing in tables of input data – maybe you have sales in a table with region across the top and product down the left hand side.

Openbox lets you bring in table inputs onto the InpT (T for table) sheet. Here’s how to set up a table input.

First of all, add the input to your Openbox model as usual – for example, by pressing Ctrl+N for a new item.

Next, make it a constant. If it’s not a constant, that means it varies over time, and so it must be on a time-based input sheet like InpS. 

Then create two arrays, one for the column headings and one for the row headings. In the example above, you might have “Region”, which has the elements “USA, Europe, Asia” and “Product” which might be “Nut,bolt,widget”.

Put the new input in a new section. Then tell Openbox that everything in that section is a table by right clicking and selecting “Switch to table layout for this section and all inputs in it”.

You will then need to select the array that goes across the top/ horizontally.

Note that inputs on InpT can be used by formulas elsewhere in the model just like any other.

You can also set sheets to be displayed as tables by right clicking on them and choosing the ‘table’ menu option.

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  1. Thx. This explains the use of InpT very well.

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