Course Content
Part 1: Time and your first model
Welcome! This course will show you step by step how to use Openbox. If you haven’t already, you can get a 45 day free trial of the software by clicking the “Download” button at the top of the screen.
Part 2: Reports
This section of the course shows you how to create and edit reports. Reports are the purpose of the model – the results it produces – and every model needs to have at least one.
Advanced topics
This section covers more advanced topics, such as creating a portfolio of assets using arrays, editing the model once it has been created in Excel, and so on.
Course completion
Introduction to Openbox
About Lesson

The previous sections covered the basics of bringing components into your models. But there are some complexities here. Which parts of your component should link to which parts of the existing model? What if the component specifies one formula for something, but the existing model already has a different formula for that?

This video shows you how to deal with these situations.

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