Financial model now

Get a financial model now

Do you need a financial model urgently? 

Openbox means that we can build a model extremely quickly – almost as fast as you can say what you want.

Let us build one for you live on a call. You get a standard spreadsheet financial model at the end, to use as you wish.

All you need to bring is your knowledge of your business or project.


Schedule a call to build a first draft of your financial model, as a stand-alone spreadsheet, in two hours. One extra hour of refinement by the Openbox team is included in the price.

The result will be a stand-alone, unlocked, spreadsheet. You do not need Openbox to use it (although we include a 1 month subscription to Openbox in the price).

Price for a two hour model build: €1,000 + VAT if applicable. Only pay if you want to keep the model at the end of that time.

Time of two hours assumes a relatively standard 3 statement model with straightforward and limited input assumptions. Larger or more complex models are possible but may require extra time, which would incur an additional fee.

Model is supplied on an ‘as is’ basis. We do not make any claims about the fitness for purpose or accuracy of the model. By using this service, you accept that our entire liability is limited to the initial €1,000 cost of the model.

We do not offer business, financial or tax advice. We do not offer any view on the correctness of your assumptions or inputs. No linking to accounting or other external systems is included.