July 2007

Iain has degrees in mathematics from Cambridge and the London School of Economics. He has published on machine learning, data analysis and modelling appropriate bidding strategies across multiple electricity markets spanning several time horizons.

Iain started developing financial models at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the mid-1990s, producing the financial model for the High Speed 1 train line in the UK, among others. Subsequently he developed deep expertise in the energy sector and in economic regulation, in both private and public sectors. Here, he developed models of a global supply chain, European telecoms markets and oil extraction, and many more.

Iain has advised on the GB Capacity Market, the long-term future of gas and electricity networks in the UK, and on a renewable energy target for Scotland for 2030. He has worked at a leading economic consultancy, where his duties included an assessment of the long-term need for electricity and gas transmission networks for the regulator Ofgem, as well as econometric analysis of mergers in the transport sector.

In the public sector, Iain has worked in the UK Government on electricity market reform, the challenges of balancing the electricity system with a high level of renewables, and on carbon emissions trading. In his various roles, he has both developed and used economic models. His own models have been used for long-term energy projections internationally, and in setting UK renewable energy subsidies.

Iain has reviewed models for economic regulators across many sectors. Recently, he has worked as a Managing Consultant and the company-wide lead on energy modelling, with particular responsibility for common standards.

Contact Iain by email or by phone +353 83 841 9035 (Ireland)